About Al

Al Jones is a Democrat and Park Central Precinct Committeeman.  He resides within Legislative District 5.  Al is the son of a former Marine, and his mother was a Christian Evangelist.  Al attended public schools in west Phoenix at Joseph Zito Elementary and Holiday Park Elementary Schools, and Desert Sands Junior High.  Al is a 1984 graduate of Maryvale High School.

Al enrolled at New Mexico Military Institute.  He graduated and received an Associates Degree and was then commissioned an Army Second Lieutenant.  He then enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and received a Bachelors Degree with emphasis in Aviation Business Administration.  Later, he enrolled at University of Central Texas—Texas A&M University – Central Texas and received a Masters Degree in Management Science with an emphasis in Health Service Administration.

During the Persian Gulf War, he served as an Army Materiel Management Officer with the 166th Ordnance Company, 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas.  He also served with the 702nd Main Support Battalion, Second Infantry Division in Camp Casey, South Korea. He received an Honorable Discharge in May 1991 and is a service-disabled veteran.

After months of unemployment, in December 1991, he secured work with the Texas Employment Commission with the State of Texas as an Employment Specialist processing unemployment insurance claims and then assisting the unemployed in finding employment opportunities and filing applications for the Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

Al Jones was employed in the semiconductor industry with Applied Materials, Inc. as a Buyer.  He purchased components for equipment which manufactures computer microchips. Less than two years later, he was no longer employed and relocated back to his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

The following year, after months of unemployment, he pursued and secured employment with the City of Phoenix.  The position was a Procurement Supervisor.  He purchased all wheeled fleet and industrial equipment for the City of Phoenix, which included City buses, fire trucks, sanitation trucks, police cars and motorcycles.

From that position, he chose a more technical path as an Information Technology Service Specialist, which provided direct exposure to cybersecurity, writing instructional manuals and teaching others, plus the maintenance and support of computer equipment for the City of Phoenix.  After 24 years of service for the City of Phoenix Al Jones retired on December 30, 2021, at age 55.

While a young man, he endured two divorces, twice unemployed, identity theft and bad credit. Despite these obstacles he refused to file for bankruptcy and made a conscious decision to change the course of his life. He worked multiple jobs including driving a cab at night, on weekends, and made major adjustments.

Then he married again.  It was a happy time for husband and wife.  Her slowly declining health led to Alzheimer’s Disease and her death.

After 15 years of effort and adjustments, in August 2020, he achieved his personal goal of obtaining a perfect credit score of 850.

He now wants to share his knowledge, skills and abilities to solve problems with fellow residents of Arizona and potential constituency in Legislative District 5.

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